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1500w Pure Sine Wave Mains Power Inverter

Supplied and Fitted From £349.00

Camper Van Motorhome Caravan Mains Power Inverters

Are you looking for Camper Van Motorhome Caravan Mains Power Inverters and are not quite sure what to choose or buy then let us explain a little.

Power inverters are devices that are used to convert a 12 or 24 volt DC power source to a 230v DC output allowing you to run household mains appliances from your leisure battery.

Mains power inverters can give you greater freedom when you go camping off grid such as wild camping etc.

Which Inverter Should I Choose?

Now therein lies the question – This all depends on what your camping intentions are amongst other things

Inverters come in an array of different sizes ranging from a few hundred watts to thousands of watts and in differing wave patterns just to confuse the issue further.

To work out which one is best for you, firstly you would need to calculate the total input power that would be required to run your appliances.

e.g.  microwave input  900 watt + TV 36 watt + lighting 20 watt = 956 watt then you need an inverter that could run this load as is probably best to get a 1500w to be sure of enough capacity.


Camper Van Motorhome Caravan Mains Power Inverters

What Appliances can I run from my Power Inverter

Phone & Laptop Chargers


Travel Kettles & Irons

Power Tools

And Much Much More…

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And we will advise and calculate what you need – we are always happy to help