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Replacement Van Lights

Up To 7 Times Brighter

Camper Van Motorhome Led Lighting

Are you looking for Camper Van Motorhome lighting solutions and are not quite sure what to choose or buy then let us explain a little.

Led lighting comes in many sizes, shapes, power, colours and temperatures and can be somewhat confusing at first and no one solution fits all, you need to tailor your lighting to your requirements.

We can advise you on types styles and power of lots of available lighting systems out there to ensure that you get the lighting that suits you and your van electrics power setup

Lighting for any application

Internal strip lighting for good all round general illumination

Direct replacement led lights that replace the lights supplied by the van manufacturer and can be upto 7 times brighter than the original.

Direct spotlights for close up focus or to change the mood in a camper.

External  work lights that allow you to work outside of your vehicle long after the sun has gone down.

The list is almost endless.


Camper Van Motorhome Caravan Mains Power Inverters

Example types of lighting

Camper Van Motorhome Led Lighting

LED Strip Lighting

Replacement light fittings

Work Lights

Spot lighting

And Much Much More…

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And we can advise you on the types of lighting you need – we are always happy to help