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Van Racking Shelving - Van Storage Systems

“Versarack” Van Racking is our very own design and brand of van storage system, it has been designed and manufactured as a super strong heavy duty system and is very sturdy as a standalone item. It really has to be seen to understand how strong this system is. Even though we rate each shelf at 40kg we have had over 80kg per shelf before there was any give in the material far more than most of our rivals.

Heavy Duty Modular Van Racking

Modular van racking shelving unit complete with adjustable shelves and lower cargo lashing rail. Powder coated endframes (Ral 5017) with a durable textured finish over 1.5mm galvanised steel to ensure full corrosion protection.

Adjustable shelves with a 40kg load capacity constructed from 0.9mm galvanised steel.

Pre-punched to accept dividers.

Rear bracing bars to give maximum strength.

Versarack Van Racking
Van Racking
Plywood Van Racking

Fully Adjustable Plywood Van Racking

Van Storage for any type of vehicle.
Our CNC manufactured plywood modular van racking systems are made from a high grade hardwood quality plywood.
Constructed using dado, mortise and tenon jointing allows the racking system greater strength and a much longer life.
All of our units have easily adjustable shelving heights and compartments giving complete flexibility on how and what you wish to store and where.
Get organised with everything from tools to fixings allowing you to save time by being able to find what you are looking for in your van.

Van Racking Accessories

Please find below a sample of our van racking accessories, you can contact us direct on 01925 320784
or to buy online you can go to our online shop www.vanracking.net